Why vote for Steve? Here is where he stands on a few of the matters that have impact on the city:

Strategic Financing – 9% property tax increase and a ballooning water bill are unacceptable; we need to leverage the tools of good strategic financing so we aren't burdened by paying for everything up-front

Human Rights & Equity - Steve values the diverse population that lives in Crystal and wants to make sure that the government works for us all

Community Policing – continued focus on positive interactions with the public

Transparent Government – make things easier to find on the website, make city finances more accessible and understandable to the public, and make meeting minutes accessible

Separation of Church and Government – will represent the values of all residents, no matter your affiliation or creed

Maintain Our Assets – we need to have a structured maintenance plan to extend the life of our assets like underground pipes and replace aging infrastructure to reduce costly emergency repairs

Strong Schools – supporting education pays back in an educated population, lower crime rates, and a solid community