Steve Adams for Crystal Mayor

No relation to the current mayor

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Steve grew up in Pierre, SD. Pierre is the second smallest state capital city in the country, and being such a small town, state government and government in general is very front and center. The primary school system consequently was very strong in its civic teachings, and field trips to government offices were an easy inclusion to curriculum. This early introduction and constant exposure to state government while growing up has made an impact on Steve's understanding and knowledge of how government works.

In Crystal, Steve has served on the City of Crystal’s employee review board and the Community Outreach task force. He was heavily involved in the current design of Crystal’s flag and was a key designer of the current City of Crystal logo to represent the 14 neighborhoods that make up the City of Crystal.

Steve's career includes managerial roles in automotive, retail, and customer service. Steve is a small business owner. In 2017 he started Crystal Auto Spa where he did paintless dent repair, minor auto body work, and auto detailing out of his garage. In 2018, he purchased Newport Collision Center and moved his operations there, retaining the staff and strengthening the business.

Steve and his partner, Heather, moved to Crystal in 2013. Even though Steve now has a long commute, he has made ties with the community and couldn’t see himself living anywhere else.

Why vote for Steve? Here is where he stands on a few of the matters that have impact on the city:

Strategic Financing – 9% property tax increase and a ballooning water bill are unacceptable; we need to leverage the tools of good strategic financing so we aren't burdened by paying for everything up-front

Human Rights & Equity - Steve values the diverse population that lives in Crystal and wants to make sure that the government works for us all

Community Policing – continued focus on positive interactions with the public

Transparent Government – make things easier to find on the website, make city finances more accessible and understandable to the public, and make meeting minutes accessible

Separation of Church and Government – will represent the values of all residents, no matter your affiliation or creed

Maintain Our Assets – we need to have a structured maintenance plan to extend the life of our assets like underground pipes and replace aging infrastructure to reduce costly emergency repairs

Strong Schools – supporting education pays back in an educated population, lower crime rates, and a solid community

  • Crystal, Minnesota, United States
  • 4608 Maryland Ave N